Every American citizen age 18 years or older has the right to vote. But each state in this great union makes its own rules when it comes to who, what, when, where and how voting happens.

Who can vote? What does a person need to cast a ballot? When does voting take place? Where can someone vote? How does one register?

There’s no universal answer to those questions.

Montana has been through some ups and downs when it comes to our voting laws. There are still some issues around mail-in ballots, precinct communication, and voting on reservations. But for the most part, our state gives us a lot of opportunities to make our voices heard.

Here are ten fun facts about Montana’s voting laws. Use the arrows on the right and left to scroll through.

With so many opportunities to vote, there’s no excuse for Montanans not to get out and make our voices heard. If you haven’t mailed or handed in your absentee ballots yet or if you haven’t registered, there’s still time. Election Day is Tuesday, November 6. We’ve got a small population, so one vote can make a big difference. Make it yours.

-Amanda Garant

If you are unsure whether or not you’re registered, or whether your ballot was received, check out the Secretary of State’s voter information website. Or, if you have any other questions, contact your local election administrator.


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