Skijoring in Wisdom, Montana

For the last 10 years, Wisdom, Montana, has worked to carve out a piece of winter recreation that is up and coming in today’s crowded recreational world: Skijorring. Since they started the event in 2008, they’ve moved from Main Street to the Wisdom Air Strip in order to accommodate the ever-growing crowds. That foresight seems to be working, as the town and surrounding communities like Jackson and Wise River are benefiting from the influx of people coming for the event.

Skijorring is where a fast horse with a wild rider pulls a skier with a death wish as fast as possible for 300 yards over jumps and tight turns, grabbing a ring in the middle and finishing upright. The faster you are, the more likely you’ll be a prize in the Calcutta, where teams are going for well over $400 this year. Some real money is made and lost on those bets.


There are still more skijorring events in Montana this winter:

March 10,11: Red Lodge Montana

March 17th & 18th in Big Sky

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