Our Team

Andie Creel
“Growing up, my sister and I were always curious about what was around the next bend, how deep that mud was, were there kittens in the rafters, and how could we catch a frog. At Prairie Populist, I’m taking that same curiosity from my backyard to other backyards around the state, meeting fellow Montanans and highlighting their voices, stories and views.”
About Andie
Amanda Garant
“I like to call myself a “Jane of all trades” because I’ve made a living doing everything from farming vegetables to wielding a chainsaw to making tools as a blacksmith. I believe that our strong rural communities and our wild, open lands are what make our state so special. I want to share the stories from folks around the state who are working together to keep Montana the last best place.”
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Brooke Reynolds
“Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved hearing people tell stories. Whether it’s about growing up on the backroads of Billings, last year’s crazy round up, or this morning’s attempt at ripping out the beaver dam in the ditch, I want to hear about it. Here at Prairie Populist, I’m trying to help fellow Montanans keep telling their stories about the important events in their lives.”
About Brooke
August Schield
writer & photographer
“I’m originally from Minnesota, but have called Montana home for the past 7 years. I have spent a great deal of time traveling across the state and meeting with people to understand how they are connected to their place. I like use to use my camera to share these connections – but the picture always comes after the conversation.”
About August
Laura Nowlin
guest writer, Musselshell Watershed Coalition Coordinator and Mother of 2
“Raised on the family ranch in central Montana, my sisters and I quickly learned that on the land we are all equal and that those with the grit to work hard and to take the ups and downs of life – those will be the ones to succeed – not just in agriculture, but in life. Having now returned to the ranch, I hope to teach the same lessons to my two children. With the opportunity at Prairie Populist I want to tell the stories of the people in rural communities – stories about their grit and commitment to the land and their communities.”
About Laura
Justin Schaaf
guest writer
“Justin is a father, hunter and conservationist whose family roots in Eastern Montana stretch back to the turn of the last century. He and his wife are raising their young family in Fort Peck near the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge after growing up in Glendive. Justin's love of eastern Montana is felt in his writing, and in his work within the hunting community.”
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