About Us

Common Sense in an Uncommon Land

Photo by August Schield Photography

In Montana, we believe that our politicians need to earn our trust. If they won’t defend what’s important to us, then we need to hold their feet to the fire.

It doesn’t matter what party they belong to or where they come from in the state. We expect them to stand up for all Montanans and the things that we hold dear. Stand up for our families and our communities. Stand up for our ability to make a decent living. Stand up for our rights to hunt and fish. Stand up for our farmers and ranchers. Stand up for our big skies, open lands and flowing rivers. Stand up for our way of life.

Unfortunately, one quick look at the news these days shows that politicians and big business interests don’t share our values. They are taking care of themselves first.

It’s time for us to let our politicians know that we are paying attention to what is going on.

Prairie Populist was created to do just that. We will highlight what our elected officials are up to – and give the people of Montana a chance to ask questions, offer commentary and share their stories.

We hope you’ll join us.