Got something to share?

Prairie Populist is looking for fresh Montana voices!

So if you have an idea for a news story, personal essay, video or photo essay, we’d love to visit before you get too far down the road with it. Get in touch with us at [email protected].

But first, take a good look at the stories on the site to see if your idea is a good fit.

We are interested in pieces that speak to Montana values — independence, strong communities and our outdoor way of life. We’re looking for stories that highlight extraordinary people, places and efforts across the state, and that are not already covered in Montana’s other newspapers and web publications. In this uncommon land, we’re interested in finding common ground and solutions to our challenges.

We welcome photos, videos and any other ways you can dream up to tell a story.

We prefer writers with a close connection to the Montana communities or topic they wish to write about.

We also demand balance, fairness and factual accuracy.

We do NOT want stories primarily about the inner machinations of policy, politics or process. We are not interested in endorsements of candidates, or highly partisan arguments on specific policies or issues of the day.

If you have already produced or written an opinion, news story, personal essay, video or photo essay that you’d like to share with us as a guest post, send it to our way and we will consider it for publication  We are more inclined to publish content that:

  1. Speaks to the subjects and values you see in, and
  2. Addresses a subject or viewpoint that’s not readily available in other publications and websites.

Questions? News tips? Comments? Send them all to [email protected].