Independence Day: one of the most important, cherished, and happy days of the year here in Montana.

We at Prairie Populist were in Ennis for the parade, barbecue and rodeo for this 4th of July. It was a wonderful day to be in the Madison Valley, nestled between the Madison and Tobacco Root ranges.  There is nothing better than celebrating America’s Independence than with a parade, burger, and some good bronc riding!

It was most assuredly a great day to be an American, and to be a Montanan.

Women’s mounted drill team walking down Main Street, giving a show with their flashy routine.

A little jeep, and a lot of people!

The stands were full at the NRA rodeo!

And the night ended with some wild bull riding!

Again, Happy Independence Day, Montana!

Check out our photos from last year, when we visited Wisdom.

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