Western Ranch Supply: 7305 Entryway Dr, (406) 252-6692

Fencing supplies (wire, t-posts, gloves, etc.) They’ll either deliver these donations or they’ll have them picked up. Please drop-off donations between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., and write your name and your donations on a piece of paper so they can keep track of donations.



KB Building Supply Shop: 8256 Huffine Lane, (406) 586-5595

Cattle feed and fencing supplies.



Town and Country Supply: 209 N Main St, (406) 662-3623, ext. 1.

Fencing material, cattle feed, and cash donations. Ask for Crystal.


Circle and McCone County:

Ryan Ketchum Trucking: (406) 853-1131

Full pallets of fencing materials (barbed wires, railroad ties, t-posts, etc.), water tanks, and other large donations. If you can’t purchase an entire pallet of supplies, you can donate money as well. When Ryan receives enough to make a purchase, he’ll use donations to buy pallets of supplies. If you have a large donation, you can also call Ryan to arrange a pickup from your location.

Redwater Valley Bank: P.O. Box 60, Circle, MT 59215, (406) 485-4782

Feed, fencing material, or monetary donations. Contact Jana Hance by phone or at [email protected]. Or you can send checks to “Garfield County Fire Foundation” to the bank’s PO Box.



AgPro Solutions: 1028 N. Anderson Ave, (406) 377-4572

Drop off point for fencing supplies and water tanks. They are all set on feed at the moment.

Paramount Service and Supply: 38 Highway 200 South, (406) 377-7793

Drop-off point for fencing supplies every week.


Grass Range:

Little Montana Truck Stop: 530 US-87, (406) 428-2270

Drop-off point for hay and fuel.


Great Falls:

Red Cross: 1300 28th St. South, 1-(800)-272-6668

Monetary donations only.


Jordan and Garfield County:

Garfield County Bank: PO Box 6, Jordan, MT 59337, (406) 557-2201

Monetary donations only. Send checks to “Garfield County Fire Foundation c/o Garfield County Bank.” They will put it into a secure, Disaster Emergency Services (DES) account through Garfield County. They’ll divide up the money among the impacted families. The money will mostly be used for fencing, hay, and grain. You can also arrange long-term donations with the bank.

Ryan Grocery: 349 Main St, (406) 557-2744

Monetary donations only. Their donations will go to the county’s DES account. It will be divided among the firefighters and families that were impacted. You can donate over the phone.

Farmers Union Oil Co: 756 MT-200, (406) 557-2215

Fuel and monetary donations. They also have a DES account through the county. At the moment, they are mostly set for fuel donations but won’t turn anyone away who wishes to donate.

Lori Murnion: (406) 977-2334

Feed (not hay) and fencing supplies.



Spur-Line: 1370 Hwy 10 W, (406) 222-7712

Feed, water, food, tools, and money (cash, check, or credit card).


Miles City:

Murdoch’s: 620 Meadows Dr, (406) 232-3422

They are accepting gift cards and money to purchase fencing supplies. Once they get enough donations for a truckload, they’ll ship it over.

Steadmans Ace Hardware: 611 S. Haynes Ave, (406) 234-4168.

Monetary donations. Their account will be divided among impacted families.

Cowtown Ag: 501 Pleasant St, (406) 234-4575.

Monetary donations, fencing supplies, and feed. They have an account for monetary donations. You can also purchase/donate fencing supplies and feed. Once they get enough for a truckload, someone will deliver it.

Border Steel and Recycling: 12 Peggy Lane, (406) 874-7428.

Drop off locations for fencing supplies. You can also purchase fencing supplies through them.


Red Lodge:

Red Lodge Rodeo Grounds:

Contact Chris Jeffrey at (406) 697-3526. He is arranging the donations.



Reeverts Fencing LLC: 112 Railroad Ave, (406) 487-2362

Monetary donations for fencing supplies. You can donate by phone. However, they did just receive a huge donation to put up over 50 miles of fencing, so they may be set on donations for awhile.

Farver Farms: 400 Old Scobey Rd, (406) 783-7113

Supplies. Their truckload of physical donations will head up this weekend (August 5). After that, they suggest sending monetary donations to Reeverts.


Winnett and Petroleum County:

B&D Services: 203 N Broadway, (406) 429-5291

Cash or fuel donations. For cash donations, write the check to Petroleum County Stockgrowers or to the Winnett Fire Department


Wolf Point

Wilbur Ellis: 6118 Highway 13

Contact JD Stensland at (406)853-8352.


For Cash Donations:

Stockman Bank: (877) 300-9369

They are accepting donations to the Garfield County Fire Foundation at all of their branches. They are also providing a match of up to $10,000 for all monies collected through their branches.

Other online donations can be made here.


Please let us know if we’ve forgotten any other drop-off locations. For information on the other fires happening throughout Montana, visit here.


Editor’s Note: Featured Photo by Kaitlin Bergez

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